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Gold Coast Family Lawyer - Suzanne Harrison

An Accredited Family Law Specialist with almost 30 years experience, Suzanne Harrison is a proven achiever and respected leader in her field who can help you achieve your Family Law goals. Sue knows how to identify and advocate for her clients’ best chance of achieving the optimal outcome in their individual matter.

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Absolute confidentiality and discretion

Suzanne is especially aware of the sensitive nature of many family law proceedings. That’s why she handles many details — even phone calls — herself, instead of handing them off to an office junior. At McCowans you’ll always enjoy discreet and professional service that prioritises your privacy and gives you the best possible outcome.

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Smith v Field – winning the unwinnable case

A large asset pool amassed during a long relationship, and an amazing outcome in favour of our client. How did we win the unwinnable case and achieve an unprecedented result for our client?

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